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Terms of Use

Backbone Banners is a banner advertising service provided by Logiscape Technologies Inc. In order to use the services provided within this website, you must agree to the following terms. Your registration and continued use of the services provided herein represents your agreement to these terms.

1) Appropriate content:

The content of your ad (images and wording) must be appropriate for ALL ages. Under no circumstances may you display adult content in your ad. Other content that is NOT permitted includes racist material, hatred material, and material pertaining to illegal activities. We also do not allow the promotion of investment surf programs or HYIPs (high yield investment programs). The promotion of online casinos IS permitted as long as the company is operating legally and has the required legal licenses to operate a gaming facility.

In all cases, your ad will need to be approved by our administrative staff prior to be placed into the adversiting network. We reserve the right to deny ANY ad we feel inappropriate for ANY reason.

2) Linking to appropriate content:

Your ad must NOT link to a website displaying or promoting any inappropriate content as stated above.

3) Credits and their value:

Backbone Banners is run on a "credit" system. In order to have your ad displayed in the network, you will need to convert your credits to impressions. For the standard banner (468 x 60), the conversion is simply 1:1, meaning that 1 credit will give you 1 impression (display of your banner). Backbone Banners may offer other banner sizes (such as "skyscaper" or "mini") which may convert at a different ratio.

Credits within Backbone Banners have NO cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to other networks. All credits are to be used for displaying your ads through Backbone Banners and its adversting network.

Refunds cannot be offered on credits once you have used them. Also, partial refunds will not be issued. It is recommended that you purchase a smaller package first, before buying a large quantity.

4) Advertising results, clickthroughs, sales conversions, etc.

Backbone Banners makes NO guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the results you may obtain in any ad campaign purchased. As with any form of advertising, your results will vary according to a number of factors, many of which have nothing to do with the actual delivery of your ad. Backbone Banners will guarantee to deliver the impressions assigned to any ad campaign, but makes NO guarantee as to the clickthrough ratio on your ad, nor the conversion of your ad.

Since Backbone Banners has the ability to deliver ad impressions very quicky, it is recommended that only small campaigns be used initially for testing purposes and that daily limits be placed on the number of impressions used.

5) Speed of delivery:

Although Backbone Banners is built on a large network and has the ability to deliver ad impressions very quickly, there is NO guarantee as to the speed of delivery of any given ad campaign. Customers desiring lots of impressions with a quick delivery rate may wish to setup multiple campaigns for the same ad. On the other hand, customers looking to spread out their impressions over a longer period of time, should setup daily limits for the maximum number of impressions delivered.

6) Continuous/uninterrupted service:

Although we strive for 100% uptime, this cannot be guaranteed. Certain factors, some of which are beyond our control, may cause the Backbone Banners service to be unavailable for a period of time. We will make every effort to ensure that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum wherever possible.

Backbone Banners will not be responsible for any lost revenues, expressed or implied, as the result of the Backbone Banners service being unavailable for any length of time, regardless of cause including negligence.

Backbone Banners will also not be liable for any consequences or damage that may arise as the direct or indirect result of any action or circumstance beyond their control, such as earthquakes, fire, flood, acts of terrorism, acts of God, computer hacking, and any other natural or unnatural disaster that may occur.


7) Right to refuse or cancel account:

Backbone Banners reserves the right to refuse or cancel the account of any individual found to be in violation of any of the terms as set out in this Terms of Use Agreement, or if the individual is found to be defrauding the program in any way.


By establishing an account, you agree to have read and be bound by these terms.